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Digital Twelve channel ECG machine ECG-1212B

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Product Features

Compact and User-Friendly: The 1212B’s compact design, coupled with direct operation functionality, provides unparalleled convenience without compromising accuracy. The 800 × 480 graphic 7-inch color screen offers a vivid display for easy interpretation of 12 leads simultaneous waveforms. The inclusion of an alphabet keyboard streamlines data input, ensuring an intuitive and efficient process.

Versatility in Diagnostic Modes: Experience the flexibility of four working modes – Manual, Auto, Physical Examination, and Storage. Whether opting for a hands-on approach or automated analysis, the 1212B adapts to diagnostic preferences, ensuring versatile patient care.

Swift and Precise Insights: Accurate pace pulse identification and automatic analysis functions empower healthcare professionals with real-time insights, facilitating swift and precise decision-making in critical situations.

Enhanced Connectivity: Built-in USB and RS232 interfaces, combined with optional ECGNET software, enhance connectivity and expand the machine’s capabilities, making it a valuable asset in any medical setting.

Adaptable Power Supply: The 1212B accommodates 110-230V, 50/60Hz AC power sources, ensuring adaptability to various healthcare settings. The inclusion of a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures uninterrupted use, making it ideal for on-the-go healthcare.

Efficient Data Management: With an impressive 250 patients’ information storage capacity (extendable), USB interface for net transmission, and connectivity to USB flash disks and printers, the 1212B maximizes efficiency and data accessibility. The advanced [Freeze] function further enhances diagnostic capabilities.

Choose the UNISON Digital Twelve Channel ECG Machine 1212B for a compact, precise, and portable solution. Elevate your cardiac diagnostics – order now and embrace the future of advanced ECG monitoring!

1 review for Digital Twelve channel ECG machine ECG-1212B


    This UNISON Digital Twelve Channel ECG Machine ECG-1212B has revolutionized my practice. Its compact design, vivid display, versatile diagnostic modes, and enhanced connectivity make it an invaluable asset for efficient and precise cardiac diagnostics. Highly recommended for its advanced features and portability.

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