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Cell Counter UT6200

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Product Features:

1. Unmatched Precision, Comprehensive Analysis: Delve into detailed insights with 20 parameters and 3 histograms, offering an in-depth analysis of WBC, RBC, and platelets. From WBC count to hemoglobin concentration, the UT6200 ensures accuracy that exceeds expectations.

2. Efficient Throughput: Experience unmatched efficiency with a throughput of 60 samples per hour. The UT6200 adapts to your needs with versatile sample modes, including venous, capillary, and prediluted blood, streamlining the diagnostic process.

3. Intuitive Interface for Effortless Navigation: Navigate effortlessly through results with a large, color touch screen displaying all parameters and histograms in one place. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, transforming data analysis into a visual journey through your patient’s health.

4. Robust Quality Control and Memory Capacity: Prioritize quality control with an advanced QC cycle featuring X, X-R, X-B, L-J auto draw, and print QC figures. The UT6200’s expansive memory can store over 30,000 sample details, including histograms, providing a comprehensive record at your fingertips.

5. Compact, Adaptable, and Versatile: Fit for any medical setting, the UT6200 boasts dimensions of 565mm x 467mm x 571mm and a net weight of 27kg. The auto-adapting voltage feature (AC 175v – 255V) ensures seamless integration into your workspace, enhancing adaptability.

6. Revolutionary 3-Part Differentiation Hematology Analyzer: Elevate your medical practice with the UT6200, a revolutionary analyzer designed for precision and efficiency, setting a new standard in diagnostic technology.

7. Extensive Range of Features: Offering an extensive range of features, the UT6200 provides a detailed analysis of WBC, RBC, and platelets, ensuring a thorough understanding of patient health.

8. Streamlined Diagnostics: Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and embrace streamlined diagnostics, enhancing overall efficiency in your medical practice.

9. Invest in the Future of Healthcare Technology:
Upgrade your diagnostics with the UT6200, where precision meets efficiency. Invest in the future of healthcare technology. Order now and transform your practice into a hub of advanced diagnostics.

1 review for Cell Counter UT6200

  1. Meshach Naidu

    This Cell Counter UT6200 is a game-changer in my practice. Its precision and efficiency redefine patient care, making diagnostics streamlined and accurate.

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